1120 Creative | Our Story
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Our Story

What started as side job for extra money over a decade ago has developed into an established company that specializes in small business development and promotion. We believe just because you’re local, it doesn’t mean you can’t present yourself professionally. We also believe being corporate doesn’t mean you can’t have a personal and local feel.


We’ve worked with a variety of clients at all levels. That combined with our years of experience keeps us open minded enough to ask questions like “why not?” We like to make the small guy a bit bigger and when we can, we like to make the big guy smaller by helping them achieve that local and grassroots theme that is an important growing trend. Technically 1120 Creative was officially started in early 2015 by Keith Perks. Since 2003, Perks has produced his own artwork under the name of 1120 Studios while taking on the occasional client job.

Word of mouth is a powerful thing and that hired work continued to grow and grow. So, it was decided to split client projects from 1120 Studios and create a home specifically for them, while also providing a new platform for the 1120 brand as an actual creative design and marketing company. Before the conception of 1120 Creative, Perks had worked with with fellow artist and graphic designer Ryan Lucarelli on several design assignments since 2013.  They share many similar interests and styles and found they collaborate well with each other on projects.  So, it was a clear and easy choice as to who Perks wanted working along side him. Lucarelli was hired on as a graphic designer and creative consultant to help develop websites and marketing strategies.


While  1120 Creative is a small firm with most projects being completed solely by Perks and Lucarelli, they maintain long list of talented individuals that contribute to special projects when necessary. 1120 Creative is a growing and evolving company that is full of many resources. We’ve worked with all types of clients to help better their brand or bring their ideas to life. You can trust us to guide you and get the most out of your project. Contact us today to see how we can help.